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Why has my app been deleted?

(removed apps and users)

We remove applications that violate our developer policies. We may also remove applications if they no longer support our API or are no longer used by Slack users. If you believe your application was removed by mistake, please contact us.

If an application is removed from the Application List, it will lose access to all data and features it was authorized to access.

If removed apps and users are from the Application List, it will lose access to all data and features it was authorized to access. If you uninstall the application, it will be removed from the App List and will no longer be available for download. It is important to note that deleting an app does not automatically delete any data or user accounts associated with that application.

When you uninstall the app:

removed apps and users— it cannot be re-authorized until its owner passes through our Facebook authorization process again.

Users who installed your deleted apps can still access their Facebook profiles if they share content using those apps (for example, posts or photos). This user profile information will no longer be visible on the interface of your deleted apps unless the user explicitly allows you to view this information before being removed from your app by Facebook. * Additionally, if users give you access to their Facebook information. For specific tasks (such as responding to event invitations), these users can also continue to receive emails from us reminding them of upcoming events when they go RSVP’d yes / no / maybe.


If the user no longer meets the requirements for your application, the permissions they have granted you will not be automatically removed or reduced.


If a user no longer meets the requirements for your application, they can revoke the permissions they granted you. If they do not delete their account or remove your application, those permissions will remain valid until they expire.


If you want to automatically revoke permissions if a user no longer meets your app requirements, use [removed apps and users] (


Can I delete my application?

(removed apps and users)

Yes, you can delete your app. You can do this from the developer app or the app settings page.

To remove your application from the Developer App:

Log in to the developer account used to create your application. If you have not yet created a developer account, follow these steps to get started:

Select [Apps] in the navigation bar on the left and click [Your Apps].

Next to each of your applications, select [Edit], and then click [Delete].

Users can delete the apps they have authorized using the app settings page, and developers can delete their apps using the developer application.

If you wish to delete a request from your account, please follow these steps:

Log in to your Google Account.

Click “Applications” in the left-hand menu of your screen.

Select “Android apps” at the top of your screen. You will be taken to a page where all your installed applications are listed.

Next, scroll down to see the name of the app you’d like to delete (it should be near one or more colored squares). Click on this title and select “Delete”. If no options are available for uninstalling the app, check that it has not been completely removed from your machine.



(removed apps and users)

We hope this information is helpful to you, and encourage you to contact us if you have any questions or concerns.

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