Amazing top software companies in France


We have described the top software companies in France with a strong reputation and a strong customer base in France. The list is based on the following criteria:Company size, no. labor, income, etc.

  • Quality of services provided (customer reviews and testimonials)
  • Company visibility, the presence of a social media platform, and how active they are in their communities and forums.


Sencrop is a software company in France that makes software for the agricultural industry. It is one of the leading companies in the sector, with headquarters in Paris, France. The company was founded in 2012 and has grown to become a major player in the agricultural sector.


Pixminds ( is a software company that develops software for photographers. Pixminds is based in France, and its products are available to users worldwide.

Pixminds has two main products: Photo Organizer Pro and Photo Catalog Manager Pro. Both of these products help photographers manage their photo collections into sub-folders and subfolders, so they can easily find the photos they need when editing or sharing them with others.

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R&D Consultants

R&D Consultants is French-based software companies in France that gain success through its expertise in the construction industry. The software they produce is used by more than 200,000 professionals and manufacturers worldwide.

The company was founded 10 years ago and has grown to have more than 200 employees on its team. They have been named as one of the top 500 French companies by L’Express magazine several times since 2013, including re-number 227 this year (2019). In addition to having amazing annual revenue figures, R&D exhibitors also have a reputation for innovating within their arena: their latest product releases include features such as 3D animation and real-time data acquisition on tablets or smartphones.


Yoopies is a software companies in France start-up eCommerce platform, which allows companies to create their website with a few clicks. With this tool, you can present your company in the best possible way and allow customers to connect with you in real-time via social media, email, or phone. One of its features allows users to build an online store without paying any installation fees or hosting costs. For those looking for more professional options, Yoopies offers a variety of packages that include hosting services as well as development and design services from experienced teams.

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Heavy: It’s hard

Heavy is a software companies in France that develops software for the ticketing industry.The company has developed a software solution that provides ticket solutions to various market participants, including promoters, venues, and artists. Heavy Solution provides an affordable and easy-to-use platform with a variety of functions such as online and offline ticketing, inventory levels with real-time sales information, and supply chain management (SCM).


Yakka is a software companies in France based in Paris. The company has established a platform for creating and managing mobile applications. The forum allows users to create and manage their own apps and publish them in a variety of app stores, including Google Play Store and Apple’s App Store. Yakka’s customers include many well-known companies such as Coca-Cola, Air France, Renault, and LVMH.


Teads are software companies in France that specialize in online marketing and content. It was founded by Axel Dauchez in the early 2000s, who started the company as an advertising agency. In 2004, Teads acquired a US-based ad network called Adnow before expanding to other areas including operational media. As of 2019, it has more than 2,000 employees in all offices in France, Belgium, and Germany (as well as London).

The company has recently made headlines for its acquisition by Proxima Media , a British media group owned by Chinese conglomerate Fosun International Ltd,for $ 2 billion and stock options worth another $ 600 million when the closing terms of service are met.

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(software companies in France)

HomeExchange is a family-owned company based in France. It has been active for over 30 years and has more than 300,000 members in 201 countries.

The HomeExchange forum empowers homeowners and landlords to find each other online, allowing them to exchange houses when they are not using them, actually as an alternative to hotels or resorts. This would be a great way for tourists from abroad to stay in a real foreign country (rather than a barren hotel room) while saving money at the same time!

BnF collection

(software companies in France)

The Bibliothèque nationale de France (English: French National Library) or BnF is a digital library created by the Bibliothèque nationale de France. It has a collection of more than 8 million digital objects, including books, movies, music, and pictures. The library is available online and on mobile devices.

These are some of the companies in France that make great software.

• Microsoft France

(software companies in France)

This is the first software company on the list, and it is one of the most popular software companies in the world. Microsoft is originally from Seattle, Washington but now has offices around the world. They make a variety of software products such as Windows 8, Windows Live Messenger, and more. They have an office in Paris where they create new products for French users and train their staff on how to use these products effectively.

• External systems

Outsystems is another good example of a successful software company based in France that develops web-based software development tools for businesses using their proprietary technology called “Continuous Delivery.”  This allows them to develop applications faster than any other existing company because they do not need permission for IT planning or complex processes before starting.

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I hope you enjoyed this article and the software companies in France mentioned. As you can see, France is becoming one of the most innovative countries in Europe when it comes to technological advances. Many of these companies use machine learning or artificial intelligence to solve the problems of other businesses around them with their products and services. Some companies also focus on consumers like Yoopies which is an app that connects parents and caregivers of children at home without suffering!

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