How Touchpoint Church Software Can Help Your Church Grow


Are you thinking about switching to a software package like Touchpoint Church Software? Here are some reasons why it could be a good idea.

First, you can use the same program for your entire church. This means you won’t have to maintain several different systems that are difficult to integrate and keep track of.

Second, you can use the same software with multiple churches so that everyone receives the same information at the same time

Third, because your staff will have access to all their data from one place, in one place, it makes it easier for them to plan activities for events and programs (like Sunday morning service).

Finally, this software enables churches across different cities or states to communicate with each other so they can coordinate efforts or share ideas between churches within their local area.

Touchpoint Church Software Can Help Your Church Grow

Centralizes your church’s most important data

The best part of Touchpoint Church is that it centralizes your church’s most important data. In other words, this software makes it easy for you to find out what’s happening in your church and where you need to make improvements. By keeping all of this information together in one place, the software will help you make better decisions about how to grow your ministry so that it can reach its full potential.

Manages members and visitors

  • Stay in touch with your members.
  • Keep track of who is coming to services and making an impact at church, so you can reach out to them more effectively.
  • Create a communication channel for visitors who want to stay connected afterward or make donations online. This will help make sure everyone knows how their money is being spent, who has been given what amount of money, and what needs have been fulfilled by those donations (this can be done by having this information on hand).
  • Centralize your church’s most important data in one place so that no one person has access to all the information they need; this helps prevent errors from occurring due to multiple people accessing the same system at once without realizing it (if someone tries accessing someone else’s account while logged into theirs).

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Tracks giving and payments

Tracking giving and payments is one of the most important tasks for any pastor. Touchpoint makes it easy to track giving and payments, so you can make sure that your church has enough funds to continue serving its members.

Touchpoint Church Software helps you manage your budget, as well as track spending on different areas of ministry

  • Giving – track how much money has been given by each member, how often they give, when they last gave (and even if they’ve skipped a month), etc.
  • Finance – see where all your money goes so that you don’t have to guess or hope someone else gives something back! You’ll be able to see everything from individual donations up through whole departments’ budgets easily here in Touchpoint’s reporting system.

Keeps visitor contact information current

You can’t assume that your visitors will remember to update their contact information. Touchpoint’s database helps you keep track of who is attending and how often, so it’s easy for you to reach out when someone needs a special invitation or reminder about group meetings.

Touchpoint offers several ways for visitors to keep their information up-to-date

  • Adding new contacts from forms on the website (or by importing existing ones)
  • Updating existing contacts (this includes adding phone numbers and email addresses)

Creates a communication channel for visitors

  1. Creates a communication channel for visitors.
  2. Allows your church to communicate with visitors, track their activity and engage them with content they want to see.
  3. Helps you send targeted emails so that you can keep in touch with members as they arrive at your website or attend services.

Simplifies church-wide calendar management

  • Keep track of all the events happening in your church.
  • The calendar is a great way to share information with members and visitors, as well as other churches.
  • It can also be used for community outreach by posting events on social media or any other public forum that allows people from outside your church to view them.

A focused start makes the difference

The first thing to keep in mind is that the software itself isn’t going to make your church grow. It’s the people who use it that will do that, so starting with a focus on what you want to accomplish and then building from there is key.

That said, there are some things you must do before launching into any kind of massive change or overhaul(H2)

  • Know what makes sense for your church. What does achievement resemble? Are there measurable results you can expect from this project? How will other churches be affected by this effort? These questions need answers before moving forward with anything else (and let’s not forget—if they’re not answered already).
  • Define specific goals for each touchpoint group so they know where they’re going and how they got there! This helps everyone stay focused on their role within this process; otherwise, things could get lost along the way if people aren’t clear about where exactly things stand right now.

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The key to growth is tracking meaningful data

The key to growth is tracking meaningful data. Without it, you can’t really know if your church is growing or not. You need a way to track what’s going on in a tangible way so that you can see how many people are coming through the door and which ones are leaving after one service.

Touchpoint Church Software gives you everything needed for this important task

  • Accessibility: Touchpoint Church Software makes it easy for anyone with an internet connection (and more importantly, someone who doesn’t have access) to view all of your data at any time. This means no more waiting days or weeks before getting reports!
  • Importance of having access: If everyone in your congregation had access 24/7 then they would be able to see exactly how much money they raised during their last quarter as well as which projects were successful or unsuccessful based on whether they met their goals set by Pastor John Babinski who runs things over there now because he was fired from his job earlier this year due solely because nobody wanted him around anymore.

Tech is a tool for kingdom work

Tech is a tool for kingdom work. We may be tempted to think that technology can solve all of our problems, but it’s not that simple. Tech is just another tool in the toolbox, and like all other tools—even those used by your church—it should be used with care and purpose.

Technology doesn’t replace people; it enhances them!

Touchpoint is designed for today’s church worker

Touchpoint is designed for today’s church workers. It has a cloud-based platform, so the data is always up-to-date and secure. Touchpoint is easy to use, making it accessible to any size church. It’s affordable, too—you can get started with Touchpoint for as little as $5 per month!

Touchpoint is built around key principles;

  • Community – We believe that our people are the most valuable assets we have at our disposal. Every member of your team should feel connected and valued within their community of believers; this means creating meaningful relationships between leaders and staff members across all locations within your organization (and beyond).
  • Data & Information – We want you to have access immediately upon request so that information can be used effectively in decision-making processes; this includes real-time financial reports showing how much money each department has brought into its coffers every month since last year’s budget cycle ended (or earlier if desired).

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We understand churches are different

We know that each church has unique needs, and we work hard to meet those needs.

We also understand that every church is different in size, culture, and style—and this can make it difficult to create the right experience for your congregation. With Touchpoint Church Software, you get the flexibility needed to customize your software to match the way you do things at your church!

Every church needs software that works for them

If you’re looking for the right software solution to help your church grow, Touchpoint is a great option. Touchpoint is a cloud-based platform that’s easy to use and flexible enough to meet your needs. Thousands of churches have already used it successfully.

Touchpoint has been designed with three key features:

  • Easy access – Touchpoint makes it easy for pastors and leaders at every level of the church hierarchy to collaborate on decisions about how best to use technology in their ministry.
  • Customized training – All pastors need training before implementing any new technology in their ministries, but not everyone gets it from one person or group of people (like when we were getting started).
  • With Touchpoint’s built-in user interface design guidelines as well as templates for common elements like emails/reports/bulletins etc., there is no guesswork involved when creating customizations based on existing templates; instead, all customizations can be done quickly by just changing colors or fonts!

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Touchpoint Church Software Can Help You Track Giving

Tracking giving is a crucial part of any church’s success. Without it, you’re missing out on a lot of data about how your parishioners are responding to their experience with the church.

There are many ways to track giving in Touchpoint Church Software.

For example,

  • You can use our Giving Management tool to keep an eye on all the money that comes in from different sources (such as memberships) and where it goes (to fund various ministries). This way, you’ll know exactly what needs funding at any given time and can make sure those needs get met right away!
  • You can also use our Funnel Builder tool if you want more specific information about who is coming through each stage of your funnel—from newbies who’ve never been involved before all the way up to seasoned veterans who’ve been there for years!

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We’ve come a long way in the development of Touchpoint Church Software, and we are excited to see it get even better in the coming years. We believe that churches can use software not just to help them manage their people, but also to help them grow spiritually and reach their full potential. If you want to take your church’s growth even further, then give us a call today!

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